You have no idea…

…how tight the jazz scene is, especially the Chicago scene. We in the local fo-do community are often this way, but we can still learn from this.
Henry Johnson
Just heard about the passing of Chicago drummer, Gerryck King. He was personally responsible for introducing and recommending me to Joe Williams. When I met him, he could scat and play almost every Billy Cobham solo recorded at that time. We played a lot together in Chicago jazz clubs during the early 70’s. By the early 80’s, he had moved up to playing with the heavy hitters like Ray Brown, Gene Harris, and Joe Williams. Thank goodness that he’s played on some great jazz recordings and we’ll always be able to listen to him. Condolences to the King family. R.I.P. Gerryck. You were a bad cat, my friend.LikeUnlike ·

Late Summer Work

Here is a semi-arbitrary selection of pieces made by members of the AP class, which were made into digital files during the week before the equinox. We hope you find all of it engaging; it’s a promising start to the year. My bad if anyone is left out (or represented twice).

The workflow is: 1. Pry the work from the artists’ clutches. 2. Make digital copies, often whilst chewing or before sunrise, or both. 3. Transfer the files to a work station that is balanced on one’s knees (cf. Mr. Nicholson). 4. Clean up the borders; guess which way is up for some; compress the files to a practical size (and not touch up the charming dust spots). 5. Drag ’em into this post.

Having done those steps, we note that the pictures were made by Kendall Wallin, Margaret Rajic, Rachel Parker, Nikki Nixon, Corey Nguyen, Sam La Bar, Justine Kaszynski, Michelle Henneberry, Dr. Emma Haney, Jamie “Aubergine” Gray, Nicole Galanti, and Chanelle “Tubs” Biangardi. (Lemme know if this is less than accurate.)