Photo De-Kigali-Voto

Claire McGillem’s in Rwanda (!) and y’all can follow along at

A Kelly Stachura exhibit at the Barrington Area Library

Not my text (but apropos verbatim):

“A scavenger hunt, paper airplanes, fortune cookies, lottery tickets, and a card catalog that isn’t quite what it seems – it all adds up to artist Kelly Stachura’s amazing vision of what libraries have been and what they can be to users and their communities. Check out the exhibit, meet the artist, try the scavenger hunt.”

A very good time to attend is this Wednesday evening at 7:00. The library’s website says: “Learn about Stachura’s creative process and be prepared to interact with her exhibit via unusual channels, such as fortune cookie messages, a library scavenger hunt, books in which you do the writing, and a ‘wake’ for obsolete technology.”