Dead Air


Jim Nayder has died.


Listen to at least the first minute of this:



June’s Peroration


Now that the havoc of this past month has abated, we can catch up on some items of note (and there’s a reward print for whoever first makes the intended connection between the two pictures).

*** Get ready to enter the Filter Festival theme show:

*** Trevor Packer is tweeting the AP test scores! “He writes: AP Studio Art students performed at a high level this year, achieving increases in % earning 3 or higher in each portfolio type.” 13.4% are fives; 31.3%, fours; 34.4%, threes; 17.8 and 3.1, twos and ones. Individuals’ scores will be available online next week.

*** You made the choice to live your life online:

*** In Utrecht, a birthday celebration for Mr. Orwell:

*** What happens when the pros are dismissed:

*** $150,000 x 14:


More On Sun-Times Photojournalism

How could anyone with a device even approach the sensibility contained in these (over 80) pictures by John Kim:

Alex Garcia writes:

Abe’s Retrospective


For once, we’re actually on top of things. Today was all about Abelardo Morell in Chicago, and it was a good day for that: not a lot else going on downtown except for his Art Institute opening, the weather held for his well-attended talk, and his reception at Stephen Daiter.


The Daiter show continues for two months, and the ‘Tute’s for three, but why wait until the last week of either? That’s  the behavior of reviewers in the daily papers (if, indeed, both of them still cover work by “photographers”). Hie thee.