Bad News, Good News

First, the bad:

…and now the good (both published on the same day–today):

Assuming they can tell the difference, of course.

Paraphrase *This*

Q. o’ th’ D.: Buzz Spector

“I know in negotiating any social situation, I use my language, I use my wit, I use my empathy. I can’t talk my materials, the materials of my studio, I can’t talk them into anything. I have to deal with the material conditions of art from a negotiation of a body to a substance, and there’s something perfectly efficient about that when it works. And there’s no one to blame but myself when it doesn’t.”

Found, Today

…on Fotografos Analogicos. From a guy in Baradero.

Gas (Allegedly) Goes the Way (Allegedly) of Film

Not only will Volvos operate henceforth on electricity exclusively, but they can be used for picture making.

Richard Benson 1943-2017

Thinking About Richard Benson

“We’re full of hocus-pocus.”

Well, that was a refreshing interlude.

There are ‘way too many gems in this to extract, so just go ahead and watch the entire video (or start at around 10:00) of an interview with Lee Friedlander earlier this week.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.54.06 AM.png

On another extremely sobering note, Richard Benson has died interim.