Video Cavalcade #11: Richard Renaldi, and A Young Guy in Brooklyn Shooting Large Format Polaroids

You decide.

Video Cavalcade #11: Vera Lutter

Video Cavalcade! #10: Bill Dane

Video Cavalcade #9: Susan Lipper

Sam Contis, Live Online, October 14

Watch Sam Contis this Wednesday at 6:00 CDST. It’s the first of this year’s series of Lectures In Photography at Columbia College in Chicago — and, understandingly, the program has moved online. Register at and read this from americansuburbx:

Video Cavalcade #8: Aggression/Upbraiding

I showed this in class a few times in order to address comportment whilst street shooting…

…and here is Son of Gilden’s comeuppance.

Make good choices.

Video Cavalcade #7: Andrea Modica

Video Cavalcade #6: Mark Steinmetz

Video Cavalcade #5: Nancy Rexroth

Nancy Rexroth — Blue Sky Gallery

Nancy Rexroth - 5 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy

Nancy Rexroth — Blue Sky Gallery

Video Cavalcade #4: Colleen Plumb