Nuance Night Society Pages

Reminiscent of Walker Evans’s Polaroids (I flatter myself).

Somehow, this list missed Kelly and Abhi and Olivia, and Connell and Plum. It was a crowded and busy evening.

Buy yourself a copy of Nuance while you still can, and another for another.

Keep ’em from leaving

Which Photo Devoto Seniors shall we prevent from graduating, thereby assuring us their continued company and inspiration as role models? Answer real quick, now…

Nuance Night & The Big Art Show

Get thy gluteus maximus to Nuance Night, the launch party for Barrington Huge School’s annual literary & art magazine! It’s a physical object you can hold in your hand, as opposed to some cyber entity that may or may not exist.

There’ll be music, and food, and Hot Guys From Other Schools (maybe that’s a stretch). Nuance is a limited issue item, so plan on acquiring one while you can. You’ll never regret doing so.

The event takes place in the GRC on Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30. Show up; get your copy autographed by the published artists!

Whilst in the building, savor (for the last time) the excellent annual all-school art show as well. The exhibit will disintegrate significantly on Wednesday.

You Don’t Have To Leave Photography When You Depart

Photogram by Robert Heineken

Photogram of the late Robert Heineken


Art Department Annual Studio Recognition Awards

 The Photography Student of the Year is Kalah Paice, and the 2-D AP Studio award goes to Katie Thompson. Kelly Kerulis (on the right, directly above on the header, at this writing) gets the Printmaking award. All three of these Seniors submitted portfolios to the College Board from the 2-D AP Studio class.

Winners in other studio categories were Lauren Bedal, Meredith Bruner, Allison Cunniff, Ben Groves, Ian Krawiec, Katie Kline, Carli Leonard, Rebecca Lu, Erika Paige, and Emily Rappleye. (Photographs: L. Dionesotes)

Photo Devotos are visiting between now and June 1

(This means you, y’know.)

…because final exams begin on June 2, and this Friday (the 21st) and the days on either side of the federal holiday (5/28, 6/1) are especially practical for a lot of folks. Former Fo-Do students of Clair Smith (the staff roster does go back further; I gotta do my research [or hypnotic regression, ’cause I usedta know]), Barb Fisher, moi, Kayla Ross/Mizanin, Scott Ziegler, Vicky Molitor, Stephani Hargreaves: get in here! We can meet up with next year’s roster as well. What about an alumni exhibit? Shall we, hmmm?

Call or write ahead, so that the Gatekeepers may be notified. They’ll run an ID check to assure themselves that you’re not a predator, and issue you a Special Badge.

Ruthie’s Haitian Assignment

Our pal Ruthie Hauge got outta BHS in ’01, and has worked as a photojournalist for some time now. She’s been on the blogroll on your right (my left) for a while, but her blawwg deserves your attention now: it’s her diary of working in post-earthquake Haiti.

Secret Postings

Our sister city, Manitowoc, has sent a bundle of objects for your delectation–objects that would blend seamlessly into that other weekly site for publishing revealing mail.

If any of these is yours, please send me your name (as a comment, below) so I can list you as artist. (You needn’t be associated with a specific piece, if you wish, but I should know which are whose, in order to be able to connect the dots.) Thanks again, Ms. M.

New Nix Pix Click

…sublime. Happy Mother’s Day.