The Word “Daguerreotype” *Can* Be Spelled Correctly


This really puts a lot of issues and concerns into perspective:



Schoenberg & Monk Play Table Tennis

John Cage keeps score.

We Are The Hoppers, My Friend

Here’s our April 30 AP field trip in a nutshell:

1. Buy your Metra tickets. $6.00 round trip for students with ID. If you’re smart, and if you can, you’ll do this before Tuesday morning. Lines are typically longer when folks are buying monthly passes.


2. Gimme $4.50 to load the CTA cards for our two rides on the El, if you haven’t already.


2a. This leaves you $89.50 for lunch. mostly-about-the-benjamins

3. Bring a pencil with you, in order to take notes at each exhibit.


4. We take a short bus ride on a short bus from the huge school to the depot.

5. We… y’know… commute.


6. The French Market awaits.


Oh, you haven’t been?


7. We descend from the County Building to the bowels of the Loop, surfacing at the Cultural Center.

8. The Gage Gallery of Roosevelt University presents pictures from Guantanamo:


9. The Brown Line transports us to River North.

UPDATE! The Wells Street bridge is out again for reconstruction of the second half, so we’ll take the Red Line (the State Street subway) instead.

10. We hike to the Newberry Library to see the annual show by the Chicago Calligraphy Collective:


11. Zigzag through the Rush Street area, in broad daylight, to the Loyola University Museum of Art for Lewis Kostiner’s exhibit “Choosing Fatherhood-A Photographic Journey.”


12. The Water Tower, the actual Water Tower, has “Animal Kingdom,” a show of posters for bands and concerts:


13. Munch on luncheon at one of 6 or 7 quality joints along Chicago Avenue.

14. Rapid Transit back to the Loop, and sprint to the train.

UPDATE: The return will either be the Red Line again (and hike to Ogilvie Center) or just hoofin’ it from River North. I suspect we’ll prefer the former. 

15. Work on your notes, so that you may be quoted on this here blawwg.

16. Borington. Walk back to school. Or not.

Photo Devoto Alumna Gets Work


Stefani Pappas was in the AP class… what, six years ago, plus or minus one (or two)?



Gra Lab vs. f/stops



4×5 / Lightweight / Kickstarter / Pinhole, too!


W. o’ W.: Stacy Dillard

“Our purpose is to inform you that there’s the possibility that your mind could be closing! Music will show you, clearly, an open mind. If you accept that, it’ll show you that, it will give you that, it will open you up more.


“I’m not saying music is the only way to salvation; it’s just one of the many highways that gets you where you need to go. But it’s definitely a way… We might not lead the way, but we’ll definitely make the way visible.”

From an interview here:

Become A Dark Sky Ranger!

This week, April 5-11, is Dark Sky Week (“National” or “International,” take your pick).






As stunning as pictures from outer space of cities at night can be, there’s a lot to be said for taking a break from electrical night lights during the new moon. I grew up enjoying a view of the Milky Way, but I haven’t seen it from Chicagoland in maybe thirty years…


…and this is why:



W. o’ W.: John Cage



Tim Rudman Reports

“I saw that the Ilford stand at the ‘Focus on Imaging’ show in the UK this month was a buzz of activity once again. Film sales are up and although sales of RC papers are down, sales of fibre-based papers are up – possibly because more people are making contact proofs on their scanners but are becoming more quality conscious and switching to fibre for print making. Excellent news.
“Pinhole camera sales are apparently very buoyant too. Supplies of the 4×5 exceeded supply in 2012 and the Titan 8×10 looks set to be equally popular – along with B&W single use cameras and a new Obscura pinhole camera.”