“Meaning is mushy. Meaning falls apart.”


Excuse me: digital humanities? Somehow not unrelated: as Howard Hampton put it in, mid-paragraph (and the Times placed it, at the top of the column), this Sentence Of The Week: “The random gush of information and observation starts to coalesce into patterns; the leapfrogging backward and forward in time is gradually shaped into history, or at least becomes dried handprints in the warped concrete of memory.”

Our Expanding Campus

The Heart Department has been reinventing and renovating its webbed pages for your delectation, adding “slide shows” of engaging work from this year and the previous two years. Nothing is in its final form, and selections will probably change as time goes by.




For some reason, that last display seems a little too… I dunno… caffeinated? I’m sure we’ll find a way to slow it down.

Getting “Credit” Doesn’t Mean Much

“Part and parcel with requests for free images premised on budgetary constraints is often the promise of providing ‘credit’ and ‘exposure,’ in the form or a watermark, link, or perhaps even a specific mention, as a form of compensation in lieu of commercial remuneration.

There are two major problems with this.

First, getting credit isn’t compensation. We did, after all, create the images concerned, so credit is automatic. It is not something that we hope a third party will be kind enough to grant us.

Second, credit doesn’t pay bills. As we hopefully made clear above, we work hard to make the money required to reinvest in our photographic equipment and to cover related business expenses. On top of that, we need to make enough to pay for basic necessities like food, housing, transportation, etc.

In short, receiving credit for an image we created is a given, not compensation, and credit is not a substitute for payment.”


Also: http://rising.blackstar.com/photographers-excuses.html

SAIC (Don’t Attempt To Sound It Out)

We toured the no-grades, DIY-major art school downtown last Tuesday. As you can see, we stood a lot, gazing at things. For the most part, we stayed hungry; then there was time to visit the ‘Tute.

*Images courtesy of Ms. Mizanin.

** Ask a participant about witnessing the head-on collision on the ride back.

The View From Above


Doh Puuh Wuuh Ih Ma Mahf


Thelonious XCV!

October 10, 1917, Rocky Mount NC




For a trove of information: http://www.monkbook.com/the-book/