Q. o’ th’ D.: Jeffrey Ladd

“A photograph should be more interesting than the subject and transcend its obviousness.”


W. o’ W.: Mark Steinmetz (examples included)



“It’s important to be cultivated. In my opinion, reading and considering great literature is the best way to do this, but there are many ways to deepen your understandings and your capacity to feel and notice. If you are cultivating yourself, the chances are greater that the work you end up doing will be worth doing as far as others are concerned. It’s best not to ask how your work will be received by the world or how it might boost your reputation. Just stay close to your own guidance and see what comes. Be authentic and natural – it sounds easy enough but it actually takes some discipline and courage.”



Save Yourself $238, 232.05





…by not going to art school.


More On Sun-Times Photojournalism

How could anyone with a device even approach the sensibility contained in these (over 80) pictures by John Kim:


Alex Garcia writes:



The Word “Daguerreotype” *Can* Be Spelled Correctly


This really puts a lot of issues and concerns into perspective:




W. o’ W.: Stacy Dillard

“Our purpose is to inform you that there’s the possibility that your mind could be closing! Music will show you, clearly, an open mind. If you accept that, it’ll show you that, it will give you that, it will open you up more.


“I’m not saying music is the only way to salvation; it’s just one of the many highways that gets you where you need to go. But it’s definitely a way… We might not lead the way, but we’ll definitely make the way visible.”

From an interview here: http://revivalist.okayplayer.com/2012/10/29/smallslive-stacy-dillard/

Klipper Tumblr

My fbf Stuart Klipper has been around the world with his 6×17 camera. Recently, he traveled from Minnesota to Chicago, to visit with Mr. Travis and to tour the (mostly) South Side.

Consider these links as contact sheets. Mr. Klipper is a role model for his voracious shooting; that attitude for no-film shooting is at least as apropos as it it is for film.




W. o’ W.: Duane Michals


“If you look at a photograph, and you think, ‘My isn’t that a beautiful photograph,’ and you go on to the next one, or ‘Isn’t that nice light?’ so what? I mean what does it do to you or what’s the real value in the long run? What do you walk away from it with? I mean, I’d much rather show you a photograph that makes demands on you, that you might become involved in on your own terms or be perplexed by.”

Un Coin

For the rookies’ first project, here are some unique solutions to the prompt of describing a space.

“For a knowledge of intimacy, localization in the spaces of our intimacy is more urgent than determination of dates.”

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space


Yay Science, Yes… But Everything Ain’t Science


“Every softer discipline these days seems to feel inadequate unless it becomes harder, more quantifiable, more scientific, more precise. That, it seems, would confer some sort of missing legitimacy in our computerized, digitized, number-happy world. But does it really? Or is it actually undermining the very heart of each discipline that falls into the trap of data, numbers, statistics, and charts? Because here’s the truth: most of these disciplines aren’t quantifiable, scientific, or precise. They are messy and complicated. And when you try to straighten out the tangle, you may find that you lose far more than you gain.”