Film: Check. No Negatives: Check.

I found a stash of older 35mm color negative film in a box above the basement stair–a dozen rolls, mas o menos, some a little past the expiration date but not by much. I shot some of it around town and finished off the last few rolls in–yes, you guessed it–Buenos Aires. Took ’em all to the pharmacy. A week or so later I picked up prints and A CD–NO NEGATIVES! This may not be recent news, but it came as a shock to me. I suppose most folks never look at their negatives again once the prints are made, and the “free CD” more than compensates for the missing film.

PSA: Many Film Processing Services No Longer Return Your Original Film

Despite and still, here is a link to films in current manufacture (possibly [likely] incomplete:

We still don’t know what happens to the processed film. All the more reason to DIY.

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It’s come to this:


Q. o’ th’ D.: James Brown

“I’m well rested now.


But I miss being tired.”

The Dream

For many years, I have had “the dream” at the beginning of August. It always involves being at school in some way. I figure it’s a strategy for a teacher’s subconscious mind to get back in sync with the academic calendar.


At some point I began to ask around, to see if others had the same manifestation, and (not to my surprise) many did. (Of course, you can find references to this if you search online.)

When I say “it always involves school in some way” I mean that the dream was a sort of snapshot of normal activity during the school day. Other teachers regularly told me of their versions that involved teaching naked, or the anxiety of not knowing where the classroom was on the first day. Originally I was shocked and appalled, but eventually I came to anticipate this sort of ┬áresponse.

Sure enough, my dream arrived on schedule this year, on August 1 (even though i was out of the country, nor was I scheduled to return). This time it involved three distinct bits of small talk with three students, all of one vintage: Caroline, Emma, and Jamie. It was over in a moment; no anxiety, no stress. Was it the last in a long succession of these re-calibrations? Maybe. We’ll find out next August.

Emily’s Perspective

But are not
all Facts Dreams
as soon as
we put
them behind
us —

early e