John G. Morris, 1917-2017

Bad News, Good News

First, the bad:

…and now the good (both published on the same day–today):

Assuming they can tell the difference, of course.

Paraphrase *This*

Q. o’ th’ D.: Buzz Spector

“I know in negotiating any social situation, I use my language, I use my wit, I use my empathy. I can’t talk my materials, the materials of my studio, I can’t talk them into anything. I have to deal with the material conditions of art from a negotiation of a body to a substance, and there’s something perfectly efficient about that when it works. And there’s no one to blame but myself when it doesn’t.”

Found, Today

…on Fotografos Analogicos. From a guy in Baradero.

Gas (Allegedly) Goes the Way (Allegedly) of Film

Not only will Volvos operate henceforth on electricity exclusively, but they can be used for picture making.