Harry Callahan’s Fatalism


“I think that if you look at meaningful art, it only comes from some individual who’s out of place. Most teachers know all the right things. But I can’t arrive at any so-called answer for anything. I’ve finally reached the point where I think it’s hopeless to think you know. Your life and my life are only one second in relation to the millions of years of life on earth. Whether it’s genes or whatever, something just determines that you can run a hundred yards in five seconds or that you’re going to be a great artist! You have the equipment to do these things. Like Robert Rauschenberg says, ‘I don’t know where this gift came from.’ It’s the most ridiculous thing, but it’s the truth.”


Oh, just stop.





From the Annals of the 20th Century’s Greatest Vocalists


Sony owns the Columbia catalogue. Check the fourth paragraph.


Everyone Lives In Modern Times


…from “Printing By Flash” by William J. Frazier, 1967

Q. o’ th’ D.: William Gass


“So to the wretched writer I should like to say that there’s one body only whose request for your caresses is not vulgar, is not unchaste, untoward, or impolite: the body of your work itself; for you must remember that your attentions will not merely celebrate a beauty but create one; that yours is love that brings its own birth with it, just as Plato has declared, and that you should therefore give up the blue things of this world in favor of the words which say them: blue pencils, blue noses, blue movies, laws, blue legs and stockings, the language of birds, bees, and flowers as sung by longshoremen, that lead-like look the skin has when affected by cold, contusion, sickness, fear…chant and pray, since the day may begin badly, in a soggy light that moistens the soul before consciousness has cracked so every thought is damp as an anxious forehead, desire won’t spark, and the morning prick is limp…consequently speak and praise, for the fall of the spirit, descending like a diver toward the floor of the ocean, is marked by increasing darkness, green giving way to navy, then a hair-wide range of hues which come to rest, among snowing fish and plants as pale as paper, in a sightless night; and our lines are long when under water, loose and weedy, turning back upon themselves like the legs of a dying spider; we grow slack of feature in our melancholy, and the blue which marks the change is heavy, thick as ooze…so shout and celebrate before the shade conceals the window: blue bloods, balls, and bonnets, beards, coats, collars, chips, and cheese…while there is time and you are able, because when the blue has left the edges of its objects as if the world were bleached of it, when the wide blue eye has shut down for the season, when there’s nothing left but language…watered twilight, sour sea…don’t find yourself choir’d out of choir and chorus…sing and say…despite the belly ache and loneliness, new bumped fat and flaking skin and drunkenness and helpless rage, despite dumps, mopes, Mondays, sheets like dirty plates, tomorrow falling toward you like a tower, lie in wait for that miraculous moment when in your mouth teeth turn into dragons and you do against the odds what Demosthenes did by the Aegean: shape pebbles into syllables and make stones sound; thus cautioned and encouraged, commanded, warned, persist…even though the mattress where you mourn’s been tipped and those corners where the nickels roll slide open like a slot to swallow them, clocks slow, and there’s been perhaps a pouring rain, or factory smoke, an aging wind and winter air, and everything is gray.” –On Being Blue

For Free?

People can die from “exposure.”





Husks Aglow


“The Government protected rolls of film, but not the lives of our kids. There is something wrong with this picture.” -Senator Tom Harkin




Cindy Sherman ‘moticons!

…do-dah, do-dah.






Typos, from The World’s Greatest Newspaper


Read This Sitting Down



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