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This blawwg is for all the Photo Devotos–past, present, and future–whether you have the wisdom to shoot with film or whether you do without. There are things to look at, things to think about, and things to talk about. We’re all here because we like to look at pictures and we like to make ’em. Add what you can, and take what you can use.

People call me Mr. D. I am blessed with relative pitch, which is probably one reason I’m partial to jazz. I got to meet Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus, and I have photographed Everett Dirksen, Leon Durham, Karol Wojtyla, and Clyde Slocum. I studied with Bob Thall, Ray K. Metzker, and Garry Winogrand. (Rumor has it that I’m a name-dropper.) I can’t imagine having had a better day job than teaching photography at Barrington Huge School. Talk to me.

Photograph by L. Dionesotes


  1. This is truly awesome, I didn’t want it to end. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely passing this around to all my friends, essentially saying, “I once worked with this guy every day. I had no idea what he was saying then just as I am amazed at how little I understand about what he says now. But I sure miss him.” I feel strangely blessed to be the first to leave a comment. I will keep checking this site occasionally.


  2. I didn’t think anyone I knew was left at Barrington. It’s good to see you’re still teaching and keeping busy. Thanks for the link (I didn’t know I was a resource!), I’m back from my world tours and in Chicago for a while.


  3. Thank you for introducing me into the blog world. This is fun.
    I like very much to see pictures and talk about them, although I am a total amateur with no academic degree in photography.
    I am afraid I belong to the digital (amateur) photographers now. Digital photography has made my life very easy. And prolific. Also, and this is maybe why I have adopted this new technic, I feel I can get better results. Plus, I enjoy working in the “digital lab” if you will allow me such an expression.
    However, I have never got rid of my old 35mm Nikon camera. I should have to try again and shoot some black and white films, although I will miss working in the lab afterwards.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to sign my previous comment. My name is Alejandro.

  5. Mr. D–

    I’m sure you can quote my comments on Metzker. As you know, most people in the blogosphere don’t even ask. I’m glad you enjoyed my thoughts, and I appreciate your dissemination to a larger audience. Best,


  6. i don’t own a digital camera, my 4 x 5 lives in a box, the fact that polaroid no longer manufactures the yummy instant film for a 4 x 5 back saddens me deeply, and i continue to be enamored with gritty crunchy pictures a la robert frank. i take pictures with a throw away and have them processed at walgreens.
    glad you got a devoto spot. :)

  7. Hey D!
    I finally have a picture of myself in my wonderful fodo hoodie.
    Where shall I post it?

  8. Hello Jeffery,
    I got your blog site from Terrie. Setting up my own so I thought I’d look at yours. Awesome site you have (English). I want to find the best way to post pictures for limited viewing by students on our Crow Creek trip this past June (South Dakota). I hope you are having a great summer.
    John Anderson

  9. Mr D
    This is SO you…glad I found it!
    Laura (Brandel)

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