Class Pictures

How many folks can you identify? Send me names, and I’ll add them to each picture.

Matt Garms, Bonnie Ryan Cullom, Ben “Tape Boy” Johnson, Kelly Novak, Ryan Walsh, Kyle Flubacker, Jill Gray, Ms. Felice, TJ James, Melanie Skelchy…

Patti Soby, Laura Edwards…

Brooke Rogers, Suz Makelow…

Picture Susan in Nepal

Our former AP DeVoto pal (and recent alumna) is on a mission for a month in Nepal, and you can help by acquiring pieces from her portfolio!

An artist’s statement, translated

This is flying all over the World Wide Intercom, so we’re chiming in. It’s good.

W. o’ W.: Ralph Eugene Meatyard

“Painting is the tougher of the two mediums to use at first, but photography becomes the hardest after you have been at it.”

“I never will make an accidental photograph.”

Caveat Appropriator

Read this before you use other artists’ work as a starting point:

…and review the guidelines from the College Board: “Any work that makes use of (appropriates) photographs, published images and/or  other artists’ work must show substantial and significant development beyond duplication. This is demonstrated through manipulation of the formal qualities, design, and/or concept of the source. The student’s individual ‘voice’ should be clearly evident. It is unethical, constitutes plagiarism, and often violates copyright law simply to copy an image (even in another medium) that was made by someone else and represent it as one’s own.”

Finite Memory

I remember exposures and development details of specific negatives (f/16, 1/4 second, handheld):

I remember the venues in which I saw certain films (e.g. the Granada, “The Grateful Dead Movie,” for an unconscionable-at-the-time five dollars).

I remember the smell of 620 Verichrome Pan wrappers & discharged #5 flashbulbs, and the sound the bulbs made.

I remember Miles at the Quiet Knight, when he first went electric.

I remember Duke Ellington and Paul Gonsalves at Harper, in the last month of their lives.

I remember what Thelonious said to me.

I remember walking up Wells Street with Mingus, in search of cookies.

Here Comes Summer. School.

Summer School Fo-Do, one of the better experiences in Barrington Huge School (if done right, with commitment and enthusiasm) will run from 7:20 to 12:00, June 13-July 1.

Some of you have expressed an interest in picking up work; please e-mail Yours Truly at least one day in advance in order to facilitate matters, and to make sure we’ll even be there. Work pick-up time will be noon on most days.

If you’d like to use the lab on a particular day, likewise get in touch ahead of time to be certain there’s room.

If we’re engrossed in some sort of media presentation, please do not mar our mood by doing anything with the door.

 P.S. As I understand it, this will be the first semester in memory without a mandated fire drill (despite re-tarring the roof), so please, no smoking.
P.P.S. Yeah, I know these are the same pictures we posted last year, but really, wouldn’t you do the same?