Featured in the Front Hall

Nobody’s noticing now, but when we all return next year (next week) check out the work on display in the Voluminous Cases by (in no particular order):

Andi, Taylor, Chris, Jaime, Amy, Aimee, Claire, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ola, Liz, Katie, Stef and Delaney.

Be sure to comment on the pictures here ASAP!

Diary of an Exhibition, Part 1

I was approached about putting up an exhibit in two or three months’ time. My natural inclination is to gauge the time available and then prepare mentally for the crunch time closer to the end. But in a recent effort to mature proportionately to my age, I keep mentally reviewing all the things that could go wrong with that scenario- effectively frightening myself into action.


I considered three themes, for any of which I could approach thirty pictures: street shooting, “foliage,” and walls/surfaces. I leafed through box after box of prints that had been sorted according to a different criterion every time I opened them over the years, pausing to greet old friends among them and, more than I care to admit, muttering “I made this? When?” I settled on Facades as a theme.



The easiest way for me to look at them all together was to shoot pictures of the prints, without film. Then I could make 3 categories: Yes, Maybe and No. Some images were briefly eliminated because they had been displayed recently, but they’re good ones, and they fit the group (and that idea never inhibited my curatrix, so why should I worry?).

2-D AP Roll Call

Over the previous seven years of the existence of “AP Photo” exactly 80% of the 70 seniors scored above average (5 or 4); that’s far above the national average. Only one student in all that time has not received a score qualifying for college credit, and in only one year were there no top scores. Other than the first year (which comprised only three students and was not its own section and class period) 2008 matched the previous highest average score, but with twice as many participants.

As a high school sophomore or junior, you can apply to be part of next year’s Advanced Placement 2-D Design class to earn College Board credit applicable to your undergraduate transcript. Watch for details relating to registration; talk to your art teachers about which of the three design courses is best for you, and about helping you to apply.

I see ICCI, si?

The second annual Interstate Creative Camera Invitational is coming up faster than anyone could reasonably anticipate. This year the entrants are encouraged to relate their work to the theme “Multiples,” calling attention to the medium’s ability to reproduce an image any number of times (infinitely, in theory), and to alter the same image in a variety of ways (or not). Get ready…

everybody, Hey!

Welcome to our humble web log dealing with tonal manipulation. Bookmark this joint and stalk it diligently.

The photographers whose work is currently on display in the massive BHS cases want to hear from you. Please respond to their work by commenting here with compliments, yes, but also with questions and whatever connections that happened in your head when you saw the work. Ideally, the photographer will answer your comments as well.


The work is changed irregularly, but not infrequently, so go there now, today. Display of visual art is an inherently passive offering, so you need to take up the apparent slack. We see people gathering and talking about the pictures every day; here’s a way to tell the artists what you’re saying.