Charles Christopher Parker Jr. was born ninety years ago today. There’s not a lot of film of him, but here is a bit:


He’s the alto saxophonist after tenor player Coleman Hawkins. Catch him burning on the second tune, with Hank Jones, Ray Brown and Buddy Rich.

Bird lives.

Blogs make press releases, too.

Here is one all about one of the greatest photographic printers you’ve never heard of: Voja Metrovic, the preferred printer for Cartier-Bresson, Josef Koudelka, Rene Burri and many others. The anecdote about the printing audition alone is worth the read.


(Oh, I spelled the name correctly.)

The press release is from The Online Photographer, by Mike Johnston (in Wisconsin). He has since posted a follow-up article, in which he  compares amatuers’ and professionals’ investments of time in the darkroom.

“This is probably not the look you were intending.”


BHS Alumna Adie Janci at th’ BAL

Is that not the most difficult-to-read headline on this blawwg thus far?


A word to the wise: show up Thursday night for the artist’s talk. Bonus Karma all around!

Double Whammy

This is painful to report on both fronts:




New Dave Jordano Work

Some of you will recall the fine pictures of storefront churches that we saw on an AP field trip to galleries. This is a newer body of work that nullifies the counterproductive mindset that there’s nothing to photograph on one’s own local turf (never mind that I’m typing this from Buenos Aires), and points to a sense of place in pictures being as important as it often is in writing.


A slightly different selection was featured on the Times’s Lens Blog:


Mistaken Identity=Lose/Lose


SoFoBoMo rocks!

Life presented other priorities for many Photo Devotos this year; not so for Kelly Stachura (luckily for the rest of us). Check out her mammoth undertaking, and the fine result, at http://www.sofobomo.org/book-418-Direction-Abandon-miss-GUIDED.