Not Dead.

Yet. (Ever?)

Many of you know how this guy feels:

Artist’s Statement: Natalie Krick

A good one. Concise, literate, just enough.

“This work revels in the gap between idealized images of glamour and the failure to create a flawless feminine appearance. I am interested in deconstructing traditional ways women are decorated, posed and photographed. Through repetition and exaggeration of gesture and color these photographs emphasize the clichés used to visualize female sexuality. I want to complicate the pleasure of looking by creating a tension between attraction, aversion, intimacy and artifice.

“The women depicted in my photographs are styled to exaggerate the artifice of cosmetics and the flawed distortion of prescribed beauty. Their poses reference traditions depicted in soft-core pornography, the pin-up, celebrity portraiture and fashion photography. Perceived as both alluring and garish, the use of glossy saturated color and the harsh revealing light encourages scrutiny. The flaws on the body and the act of styling disrupt the construction of the façade and reveal the corporality of the body.”