Holiday Hedonism

Whether you’re reading this when it’s fresh, or whether you’ve come across it months after posting… when one needs to make purchases by a hard deadline, any sort of help is welcome. That is why we provide this service again during the holiday season. You be the judge as to which items are bang-for-the-buck and which are only to be acquired with one’s second lottery winnings. Let’s begin with the glowing items:

On to books. Books are always good. 

The New Testament of pinhole literature is (may we have the envelope, please):

Product Details

Next item of interest: the aforementioned101 Things to Learn in Art School by Kit White.

A book which has in limbo for 40 years is finally published:

The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan by Richard Nickel, Aaron Siskind, John Vinci and Ward Miller.

Another monograph we’ve been anticipating, for a year or more, is Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

by Vivian Maier, John Maloof and Geoff Dyer (hmm… didn’t know Mr. Dyer was involved; good).

Not enough Viv?

How about The Vivian Girls?

Perhaps you’d like to fill your freezer with things that are, um, going away soon. Kodak_Announcement-1

…or simply enjoy collecting an artist’s work in the fast track:

Personally, all I want for Xtol Xmas is more film & paper and the time to ruin it. (And maybe a $2500 gift card.)

Happy armchair surf-shopping!

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