W. o’ W.: Richard Benson

“Traditional chemical photography is an extraordinarily flexible field, which, even as it disappears, has hardly been touched.”

Holiday Hedonism

Whether you’re reading this when it’s fresh, or whether you’ve come across it months after posting… when one needs to make purchases by a hard deadline, any sort of help is welcome. That is why we provide this service again during the holiday season. You be the judge as to which items are bang-for-the-buck and which are only to be acquired with one’s second lottery winnings. Let’s begin with the glowing items:



On to books. Books are always good. 

The New Testament of pinhole literature is (may we have the envelope, please):

Product Details

Next item of interest: the aforementioned101 Things to Learn in Art School by Kit White.

A book which has in limbo for 40 years is finally published:

The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan by Richard Nickel, Aaron Siskind, John Vinci and Ward Miller.

Another monograph we’ve been anticipating, for a year or more, is Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

by Vivian Maier, John Maloof and Geoff Dyer (hmm… didn’t know Mr. Dyer was involved; good).

Not enough Viv? http://www.bighappyfunhouse.com/archives/11/12/16/14-55-57.html

How about The Vivian Girls? http://www.hammergallery.com/Artists/darger/Darger.htm

Perhaps you’d like to fill your freezer with things that are, um, going away soon. Kodak_Announcement-1

…or simply enjoy collecting an artist’s work in the fast track: http://blakeandrews.blogspot.com/2011/11/with-halloween-fading-in-rearview.html

Personally, all I want for Xtol Xmas is more film & paper and the time to ruin it. (And maybe a $2500 gift card.)

Happy armchair surf-shopping!