Vote Early, Vote Often

The Photo Devoto who wears f13 entered the Reader’s annual photo contest. Rather than rummaging through already-existing digital files that could be perceived, however ironic or propagandistic, as touching on the theme, she set out to make images specifically for the competition which are formally strong and non-doctrinaire. The Reader’s fbook page says: “The theme for photos is money. We’re giving away bicycles, gift cards and Ray Ban sunglasses for the submissions that receive the highest number of likes and comments in this album. This has nothing to do with which photos are published in the paper. There are some details below regarding the content here. Please contact with questions or requests.

1) Only one of your photos can win – even if two of your photos receive a million votes, you still only get ONE prize.
2) Photos with the most votes qualify you for prize winning. Votes do not determine whether or not your photo will make it into the paper. Our editorial staff will choose the pictures that will be published.
3) Your photo might be missing its title. If this makes you angry, feel free to comment below the photo and add your title.
4) If you do not see your photo, you’re not the only one. We did not post pictures that had nothing to do with the theme ‘money’. There was discretionary editing.”!/photo.php?fbid=10151061536655473&set=a.10151061474845473.792149.75994265472&type=3&theater

They’re pictures #100 & 101; try to ignore the less than constructive criticism in the comments (apparently, not everyone has adopted a benign avocation with which to while away idle hours). Don’t wait until you’re a ghost voter: do it now!

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