Galleries, in the libraries, in the exurbs

Kelly Stachura writes: “We’ve charged three artists with the task of creating works that will use the gallery space in new and exciting ways and engage the audience by addressing library-specific themes — with concepts ranging from the accessing of information to the utilization of the library’s resources to patrons’ interactions with their artwork throughout the library environment.

“In part 1, Condition, Iain Muirhead uses the Barrington Area Library and Cuba Township as his research studio, inspecting the role and power of history remembered and forgotten.  While his work is grounded in painting, Iain is compelled to work outside traditional parameters and genres and his studio practice extends to actions and environments as aesthetic media.  As a result of this process, Iain will exhibit multimedia works that engages the idea of condition as both verb and noun, site-specific installations examining influence and a state (of change) particular to this place.  Iain invites his audience to re-enage the notions of information, community, and space with new insight. “Condition will be on display July 8th – September 3rd, 2011″ .
An artist’s reception will be held Friday, July 15th from 7-9pm; an artist’s program will be held Wednesday, August 24th at 7pm ” …at the Barrington Area Library.
Meanwhile, Paige, the Palatine Public Library (the only public library I know where one must show an ID along with a library card–but I digress) presents The Artful Book, a Chicago Calligraphy Collective juried exhibit.  The exhibition includes approximately 20 unique handmade books by 20 different artists.  Books may or may not contain writing or images, and may feature unique constuction, unusual materials, size, shape, etc. This show continues through July 31, but why wait? The power may go out again.  

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