MYOFT, part 2

How’s this for a succinct set of concerns?

“The technical aspects of the workshop were mercifully brief:

1. Shoot wide—Peter asked that we use a single focal length wide angle lens in the range of 28–35mm field of view (FOV) either by using a prime or fast wide zoom. If using a zoom, he asked us to actually tape the zoom at that one focal length.

2. Get close.

3. Shoot in shutter-priority mode at a shutter speed sufficient to freeze action on the street (typically 125th or 250th of a second) and adjust ISO so that the resulting aperture is small enough to provide sufficient depth of field.

4. Try to capture the subjects within their context.

5. Watch your frame lines.

6. No flash.

That’s it! We didn’t discuss gear; RAW vs. JPEG; photo editing software or techniques, or any of that.”

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