Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival

It’s this weekend, kids, and it’s near Logan Square, which (to you) is to say it’s one El stop closer.

Independent: Chicago Band Photography
Curator: Katie Holland
2821 North Milwaukee

Another Katie, Katie Hovland (no relation), is in this show. She’s the Photo Devoto from 2003 who visited 7th hour back in February and blew all of us away with her work. See

I’m dying to rewrite the following for clarity’s sake, but here it is verbatim:

“With countless venues, Chicago is a hotbed for local musical acts. Many popular bands got their start in small venues here, playing to eager friends and fans. This gallery will exhibit film and digital photography of local bands and solo acts, from newer to already established; focusing on the punk and indie genres. This includes live photos, band promos, the crowd, candid shots, etc. The aim of this exhibit is to convey the feeling of community and excitement from a live show and bring this into a gallery space.

Artists: Carlos Canario, Patrick Fraser, Patrick Houdek, Katie Hovland, Diane de Ribaupierre”

Read about it here: and be one of the few actually to go.

“85% of life is showing up.” -Woody Allen

P.S. While you’re there, stop in at “Wolfbait and B-Girls,” right on the square (which happens to be round) to say hi to Shirley (BHS Class o’ ’98; H’C Queen, btw).