Class Pictures Redux

Hep me with th’ names, now… you send ’em in, and I’ll add ’em in.

Christina Taylor, Kari Ostrem, Alison Hargreaves, Lynn Bulgrin, Devyn Condill, Amy Flolo, Matt Cox, Scott Brown, Todd Paglialong…

Kasia Gutkowska Mattson, Brad Knochel, Catherine Chinnock; that little Bosnian girl who was gone after freshman year…

Scott Kelley, Sam Taylor, Joel Canter, Mike Arimond…

Rachel Garrison, Steve McWilliams, Darren Hanifl…

See also:

Oh, and this SX-70 (I think it’s Colleen Logue’s):

(Somebody can take their sharpening tool to this one, but don’t let all the charm ooze out of it.)


  1. Alison Hargreaves- center, Descendents Tee- Brad Knockel

  2. Top photo, Scott Brown sitting on the left…

  3. Todd Paglialong (back row, third head from left)

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