Secret Postings

Our sister city, Manitowoc, has sent a bundle of objects for your delectation–objects that would blend seamlessly into that other weekly site for publishing revealing mail.

If any of these is yours, please send me your name (as a comment, below) so I can list you as artist. (You needn’t be associated with a specific piece, if you wish, but I should know which are whose, in order to be able to connect the dots.) Thanks again, Ms. M.


  1. “I don’t care if it’s your favorite bike, I’m still gunna steal it” is my picture.

  2. “Abortion, You’re just the mom of a dead baby” is my photo.

  3. My post secret is the one of the sub and the stories of the veterans are the ones not many people hear about.

  4. The postsecret with the flamingos is mine :)

  5. We shared our first kiss here. 8*24*09

  6. The leaf stuck in the fence is mine! awesome.

  7. The ” Truth: I killed your pet and buried it somewhere in this field” is my post secret.

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