Photo Devotos are visiting between now and June 1

(This means you, y’know.)

…because final exams begin on June 2, and this Friday (the 21st) and the days on either side of the federal holiday (5/28, 6/1) are especially practical for a lot of folks. Former Fo-Do students of Clair Smith (the staff roster does go back further; I gotta do my research [or hypnotic regression, ’cause I usedta know]), Barb Fisher, moi, Kayla Ross/Mizanin, Scott Ziegler, Vicky Molitor, Stephani Hargreaves: get in here! We can meet up with next year’s roster as well. What about an alumni exhibit? Shall we, hmmm?

Call or write ahead, so that the Gatekeepers may be notified. They’ll run an ID check to assure themselves that you’re not a predator, and issue you a Special Badge.