Rushin’ outta biz

Dear friends and kievaholiks.

It  is  pity  to inform that after 245 year the ARSENAL factory (Zavod ARSENAL  in  Russian) is lost.  After many judicial proceedings now we have  the Special Construction Department (SKTB in Russian) instead of ARSENAL  factory.   The  factory management, including the director of factory,  are  totally  changed.   The  workers  are  discharges,  all manufacturing is stopped, the factory storehouse is empty.

The  good  news  is  that we have bought the medium format cameras and parts  for  several years of works and we’ll keep our business running at  least 4-5 years more.  So, you’ll have ability to buy ARAX cameras as  usually  with  our  one year worldwide warranty.  In any case, you will  never  be  left alone with a problem from your ARAX cameras many many many years.

Gevorg Vartanyan,

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