There was an article recently in the Home section of the Times about how a writer, Roxana Robinson, ended up writing in her tiny guest bedroom instead of the space she had designated for her work. “I did everything but write in that room,” Ms. Robinson said. “I paid bills. I printed things out. I sent faxes. I was connected to the Internet. The assumption is that writers can write wherever they can sit down. But the main thing you need as a writer is a sense of certainty that you won’t be interrupted.”

This is why we’re blessed with darkrooms.

(A young A. Adams)

(A young A. Kertesz)

Photograph by (a young-ish) A. Perry

Other than, perhaps, music, not much in the way of multi-tasking can occur in a darkroom. Oh, I knew of a guy who slapped a sheet of Rubylith onto his television screen so he could watch movies all night whilst printing, but it’s a safe bet you’ll never see any of those pictures in any quality context.

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