Diary of an Exhibition, Part 6

Last Friday I took a short, unsuccessful nap and resigned myself to un-Myers-Briggs-ish socializing (different from classroom banter), and we headed out to the Barrington Area Library for the Artist’s Reception. It was an unqualified success: well over a hundred folks showed up for the event. A number of people whose opinions I value were very complimentary regarding the work, and plenty of ’em said “I have to come back to look at the work.” I know what they mean. The social nature of a reception can make interaction with specific pieces difficult.

Once again, I must thank Mrs. D.; Ms. Stachura and Ms. Swarbrick for their perseverence and hard work; as well, Eileen Gallagher and Detlev Pansch at the library for their generous support of the gallery program.

The show is up until roughly the end of March. Please go, with some time to spare.

(Pictures courtesy of Mrs. Ziegler, Ms. Stachura and Mrs. D. Enough of my mug for a while.)

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  1. This is sweet! I want to see it… sorry I am so far away, but my eyes travel the night to be there.

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