Diary of an Exhibition, Part 5

The final preparations in getting the entire show together completely took over the dining room, living room and any remaining surface space in the darkroom. My approach avoidance regarding spotting prints fell away, having been replaced by a loud, incessant ticking sound coming from inside my head. You know how you’re thinking “I’ll just take care of those two dust spots,” and 14 spots later you’re done? Wasn’t traumatic though.

PR: postcards had been designed by the Live-in Design Team during the last week, and we all had a pleasant chat at the printer’s on Sunday; the proof was viewed and approved Monday; the shipment was ready Tuesday, but was far from acceptable due to wacky inking from an out-of-control machine. Words were exchanged; veiled threats were politely insinuated; the job was redone. We’re all buddies again.

Sunday, I spent half the day looking for four pictures that were mislaid in the mayhem (sound familiar?). As usual, in an unguarded moment, whilst getting out something else for another purpose, they miraculously presented themselves. Framing the second half of the load took from roughly 7:00 Wednesday to 1:30 Thursday morning. That was OK: the jazz show comes on the radio at midnight. Win/win again!

Thursday at 4:00 Kelly and Lisa, the ones supervising the gallery program for the library, met me there to hang the show. Gracious, laughing, “retentive” (their term): they were all those things. Any doubts or second-guessing went out the proverbial window as they wielded their laser leveling device on each piece. It all looks swell. Go see it. If you can, go Friday the 13th at 7:00 for the reception; again, if you’re in my class, bring yer own cookie.


  1. Congrats! Can’t wait to see the show. Received the card today and it is SO you. Really classy. See you Friday.

  2. hey,

    Can we stop in and chat, or do you have to stay till 9?

    I would love to, but I got to pick up my dad at the airport.

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