Q. o’ th’ D.: Norman Potter

“Design education must, by its nature, dig below the surface, and must at the outset be more concerned to clarify intentions than to get results. If it is sensible to see learning and understanding as rooted in the continuum of life, it may be that a really useful introductory course will only show its value in the full context of subsequent experience; i.e. several years afterwards. Conversely, an education that concentrates on short-term results may give a misleading sense of achievement and fail to provide an adequate foundation for subsequent growth. This is a thorny problem, because under the pressurized and success-conscious conditions in which we live, students are naturally anxious to prove themselves as rapidly as possible (to themselves and their contemporaries and teachers). Something as intangible as the gowth of understanding may seem a poor substitute for the almost measurable achievement marked by a high output of design projects, however specious or thinly considered such projects may be.”

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