An OCD Darkroom Dream


In my dream on Friday night/Saturday morning, a student at the huge school (from H’s roster, not mine; sort of like Kayleigh, but more reserved) asked to be allowed to “straighten up” the facilities during one of my classes. I said OK, and she disappeared into the dark. When she was (photo-) finished, she showed me what she had accomplished, laid out for display on the film prep table. Small items were sorted; there was a row of eight-ounce containers, each labeled “B,” and after I asked a few questions about them, I came to understand that she had pre-diluted some sodium sulfite. The rest of the work surface was filled with 8×10 paper distributed into 25-sheet boxes,┬ástacked neatly. One package was shy a couple of sheets, she told me, and the last four boxes had no top piece (but the black bags were sealed).