The BHS Picture of the Day

…is by Ms. R. B. R.; click on it.


This reproduction does not do the image justice; at least we can appreciate the distribution of elements within the frame.

Huzzah! & Welcome!



Congratulations to next year’s new members of the

Advanced Placement 2-D Design class:

Emma Felice!

Kendall Free!

Madeline Gustafson!

Eric Haufschild!

Lindsey Lambert!

Ellie Lauderback!

Marissa Miller!

Alicia Parrish!

Maggie Quinn!

Eliot W. Raymond!

Caroline Reynolds!

Palak Shah!

Megan E. Spiess!

Michelle A. Stevens!

Kelsey Vogt!

Emily Watkins!

They join returning artists Bianca Adams, McCall Braun, Claudia Nielsen, and Maggie Ziolkowski. Welcome in!