“…sometimes always…”

Phil Toledano says, “Here’s the secret about starting a project. START THE PROJECT.”

Be that as it may, everyone confronts a sort of writer’s block from time to time. Things can seem far less natural when one needs to meet the deadlines of an academic calendar. Read, and then follow the links within, http://www.fototazo.com/2013/02/how-to-start-project-susan-lipper.html


“Sometimes it is just abstract. There is no exact process. Ever. But these things are happening and circulating in my head all the time. That is the ignition process.”

“When I was a kid my mom taught me to make mental pictures and after all the rolls of film I’ve gone through, the mental photos still endure as a kind of living, invisible sketchpad. Many times before going to bed I run through all the things I saw but didn’t photograph. So when I actually pick up my camera, the real pictures are rooted in a kind of abstract place, like a distilled fantasy.”


‘You cannot want the pictures to be a certain way or the idea to be what you thought it was going to be, you have to let it unfold and show you what it is.”

“Even now, however, I still don’t know precisely what I am looking for when I go out to photograph. This situation can be either liberating or frustrating depending on my point of view at that moment.”