It’s An Art Exhibit Summer

As of this writing, it’s too hot to stay outdoors for an extended period–even for photographing–not unlike sub-zero blizzard weather. Fortunately, our major museums and galleries are air-conditioned, and there is an array of exhibits waiting for you and your mates to visit.

This is as good a place to begin as any: and the “Contemptible” is free to Illinois residents on Tuesdays. There are six or eight engaging exhibits; here is a page, containing 95 more theses, from the Molly Zuckerman-Hartung exhibit handout (this text is reproduced on one wall of the gallery):

Martha Schneider’s Gallery is featuring an important group show which includes Patty Carroll and Thomas Kellner:

The Catherine Edelman Gallery has a major group show called Installed.

The ‘tute has Roy Lichtenstein, Dawoud Bey, and Film and Photo in New York:

MCOP has Peripheral Views: States of America, which includes a contribution from Harry Shearer(!).

DePaul’s show is called Drawn from Photography.

Don’t forget that Metra has a weekend rate, and you can always contact me for help.

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