This Summer In London

The Games of the XXX* Olympiad will not be in Chicago. They take place beginning Friday, July 27, 2012, and end Sunday, August 12, 2012.

You may not bring any of the following into the events: air horns or vuvuzelas; large hats or Frisbees; nor clothing with political statements, nor flags of countries not participating nor golf umbrellas. Nor may you carry “excessive” amounts of food.

Still up for fun? Wireless access points, such as 3G hubs, are also banned during the Games. Security won’t prevent you from carrying your smart phone to an event, but you won’t be permitted to use it as a connection point for other devices; that means no wireless transmission of images.

Oh, and one more thing: “large” cameras and lenses over 300 mm are not permitted; tripods and monopods are also banned. Enjoy the Games!

*Roman numerals for 30; it’s an all-ages affair.