The BAL “Teen Art” Show

…held a lovely reception last week on Friday night. The show extends to April 15, so hie thee to the stacks before you figure your tax.

Annnnd it was my surprise birthday! Thanks, Leslie!

Here are the Library’s PR pix as well:

As soon as an award list is published we’ll add it here.

UPDATE: Here ’tis.

Best in Show: Alicia Parrish

Gold: Kristen Holland, Zachary Rowe, Rachel Parker, Samantha Labar, Stephanie Walterman, Michelle Henneberry, Nicole Galanti, Yin Ming Wang.

Honorable Mention: Joyce Gaffney, Jamie Gray, Kristina Bastidas, Michael Colby, Alexa Hanaford, Lauren Captain, Justine Kaszynski, Fay Jenson.

(Hmmm… twelve of the seventeen share a certain 7th hour class.)

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