Dear Erin

A Photo Devoto alumna writes: “What do feel is the biggest problem facing photography today?”

Musicians work together; actors collaborate; writers interact (however tenuously); educators collaborate perforce, as do politicians. Of these professions, perhaps we’re most like writers, in that we don’t have many situations in which we can truly collaborate.

Mr. Andrews, of Oregon or Nevada or Oklahoma, puts it nicely: “Prints are currency. Jpegs are not. Most of us are sitting on a motherlode. Maybe we’re hoping to sell our photos or have them collected by someone or using them to prop up the kitchen table or who knows. Why not let them circulate? Give them away. Swap them. Mail them to strangers. Post them on street poles. Get them out into the world. Maybe they’ll meet a cruel end but some will wind up in caring hands, and at least every photo will have an opportunity. Chances are after you’re dead, some of these photos will still be out there. The more you give the better your odds. Not to mention it feels good.”

Kirk Tuck, at says: “We need to make and share more prints.  That’s where the rubber meets the contextual road.”