A, and 2

The current prompt in the Wonderful World of Photography is to make a specific kind of diptych, with small, subtle changes from one image to the next– the sort of changes that make the viewer glance back and forth, almost unconsciously, as in this Andreas Gursky work:

These are almost never combines, which make one picture by abutting two (even as I say this, I come across a wonderful example of this approach):

…nor are they different subject matter.  It’s not so much about the content as it is about photographic qualities, and formal aspects.

Anthony Giocolea:

Here’s a police mug shot from Sydney, in the 1920s (maybe they were taken with a 3-D camera, with two lenses set apart as are one’s two eyes; what do you think?):


I’m not even sure that this is a photograph. It probably is:

William Wegman:

This might be really hard. Think of the uniquely photographic qualities of pictures as they might apply to dyptichs, as we discussed in the Wonderful World last week. Then consult your notes from that discussion, and make negatives for this such that we may all relax and enjoy Thanksgiving before printing them.

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