Sophomore Guidance

The time is here for Barrington Huge School students to begin to tweak their second semester schedules. There has been a widespread misconception among counselors for several years that sophomores should be limited to one semester in the Wonderful World of Photography “to give others a chance” (according to many students, reliably over a number of years; ergo, I believe this report). This is spurious: it is written nowhere, the Art Department chair has never been made aware of this (nor consulted), and exceptions to this “rule” are made whenever it is questioned. Why does this misconception persist? Beats us. If it’s a convenience for the Guidance Department, we cannot see any advantage for them from our perspective. Most people enroll in Photography with no idea of what’s to come, and they find that they enjoy the process. Why should they be made to jump from medium to medium? No one would suggest that for the Whirled Languages Department. If you find yourself in this position, and you’d like to continue in the course despite what was arranged last spring, it’s important to make your preference known. We cannot overload (trust me, you wouldn’t be happy with a stuffed darkroom), but we can monitor the rosters.