Putting Things into Perspective; or, I Second That Emulsion

Associated Press has become the latest entity to ring the death knell for film, citing that manufacture is down from a one-time height of almost a billion rolls a year to only five million (about half of which, apparently, is shot by those of us at BFHS). Two comprehensive and lucid responses put this into perspective:



Consider that roving paper-cutting profile potraitists were replaced by daguerreotypists (http://cool.conservation-us.org/coolaic/jaic/articles/jaic41-03-001.html); squadrons of hand-colorers were made redundant when color film became practical, followed closely (“closely” in this context meaning within ten or fifteen years) by the failure of some ubiquitous paper emulsions (resulting in a class-action suit brought in several Midwestern states); and that everyone is periodically cautioned to back up files, with the knowledge that many digital archives at risk of corruption in 5-10 years.

As deep background, refer to this:


Lastly, look at the banner on the Badger web page: https://www.badgergraphic.com/index.html

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