Here Comes Summer. School.

Summer School Fo-Do, one of the better experiences in Barrington Huge School (if done right, with commitment and enthusiasm) will run from 7:20 to 12:00, June 13-July 1.

Some of you have expressed an interest in picking up work; please e-mail Yours Truly at least one day in advance in order to facilitate matters, and to make sure we’ll even be there. Work pick-up time will be noon on most days.

If you’d like to use the lab on a particular day, likewise get in touch ahead of time to be certain there’s room.

If we’re engrossed in some sort of media presentation, please do not mar our mood by doing anything with the door.

 P.S. As I understand it, this will be the first semester in memory without a mandated fire drill (despite re-tarring the roof), so please, no smoking.
P.P.S. Yeah, I know these are the same pictures we posted last year, but really, wouldn’t you do the same?