Just Another Stellar Day

Yesterday we saw pictures of the surface of Mercury for the first time. That was special, but it was just another in a series of exceptional darkroom days @ B”Fun”HS. How can the day be exceptional if it’s a similar one of a series? I’ll tell you how: it’s another in a series of exceptional darkroom days because every day is different. Here is a stunning collection of work prints in no particular order from periods 1 through 7.

These are the work of Kendall Wallin, Ola Susol, Zach Rowe, Charlotte Richardson, Myles Porter, Hannah Mills, Madeleine Lebovic, Kristin Kuhn, Justine Kaszinski, Mikayla Johnson, Caroline Horswill, Hannah Hornig, Michelle Henneberry, Molly Hendrickson, Alex Hallerberg, Nicole Deligio, Christina Buerosse, Kristina Bastidas, Brooke Baily, and Hailey Anderson.

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