What Day Is This?

Are we living a series of lies? A nearby town held a mini-festival of events on the 12th, claiming it was a St. Patrick’s Day event. Barrington Fun High School will be the site of a Mother’s Day celebration, but on this coming April 10. In recent years, Palatine has held their 4th of July parade on July 1st and on June 30. What’s going on? Is it related to the shaky nature of the vestige of a sense of place when one “goes to” a Web site? Can we attribute this slippage to having moved federal holidays to the nearest Monday regardless of the date being commemorated? Am I a coot, or do we try to get by with as little ceremony as possible (to all of which Mr. Lynn replies, “Well then, Happy Birthday!”)?

And when does a grading period end? At 2:35 on the last designated school day on the academic calendar? Or is it when I leave the building on that day? Or is it the first day back after a break? Or the last possible moment on the morning of posting grades? Or whenever you say it is? Or whenever I say it is?

Postscript: Daylight Savings Time is currently in effect for eight of twelve months each year. Q.E.D.