Our AP FT Itinerary

Bring with you $5.50 for a round trip Metra fare (with a student ID discount) and $2.50 for the CTA (and $100.00 for lunch makes it $108.00). We’ll take our attendance at the school before we go to the rail depot, then we’ll commute downtown and walk to to the “El,” and ride it, and see the exhibit at the Harold Washington Chicago Public Lbrary; then on to the MCP @ Columbia College for the Kahn & Selesnick show; up Michigan Avenue to the Gage Gallery of Roosevelt University featuring Milton Rogovin’s work; and finally to the Cultural Center to see Mr. Dan Zamudio and… Vivian. Somewhere in there we’ll grab a gourmet meal, and after “Viv” we’ll sprint to the return train (check in w/moi as you board, s.v.p.). We’ll step off in Borington @ 2:32.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzZRei2xxM4&feature=related, then on to the subsequent portions (find the typo!)





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