Lisa Swarbrick: The Leader’s Lens

It’s Bonus Karma time again: show up at the Barrington Area Library this Friday night for a reception for BHS alumna Lisa Swarbrick, and maybe hear about her ethnographic approach to picture-making.

“There’s a kind of power about a camera. You’re carrying some sort of magic that with a click of a button, you have installed a confidence in your subject to let down his or her guard and you have captured something that will never again exist exactly as it did. A photograph is a means to fix a person in time in a certain way.  Yes, at its very base level, an image is a two dimensional object with a glossy finish, but the legacy lives around the image, above and below its surface. A legacy is bigger than an individual, bigger than one idea, bigger than a single photograph, it is durable, it is memorable, it is communicable.”

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