Ken, Ray, Joe, Chuck… RIP, Joseph Sterling

This is Joe Sterling’s cover image for Aperture magazine 9:2

…which featured work by the five graduate students of the Institute of Design in 1961: Ken Josephson, Joseph Sterling, Charles Swedlund, Ray K. Metzker, and Joseph Jachna. Each of them had their very best work ahead of them, and are still working — but for Mr. Sterling.,CST-NWS-xster12.article

“There is a world of a cowboy against the empty wastebasket, of the Bessemer converters and the cheap Montana hotel, a world that exists — but not for the adolescent. His world must be created — created for the physical and emotional self. Although highly affected by surrounding forces and opinion, the world of the adolescent is totally interlaced within itself and incapable of freeing itself… It whirls, rolls, and engulfs what it is allowed to engulf. Sometimes wavering… wavering… AND THEN opportunity is revealed and must be exploited. Exploitation exists for exploitation itself. A world created, enlarged, and accessible to those already interwoven… but his world will grow, move on and be assimilated.” (Sterling’s text in Aperture)