A Massive Exhibit from Sotheby’s and Polaroid

Watch this little promotional video, then consider a road trip to New York next weekend:


An opportunity to see work of this scope may not occur again in a lifetime. (The fact that the Type 55 film used by St. Ansel for a trio of different-size prints was in fact Kodak’s Panatomic-X in a Polaroid product does not in any way diminish Adams’s achievement.)

The 63-print mosaic is SX-70 prints, spat out from a hand-held camera (as is the Warhol self-portrait at the top; the nine unique prints that make Chuck Close’s self-portrait are each 20×24 inches, as are the Wegman Weimeraners.

UPDATE: Even though this was a court-ordered dispersal of collateral, it comprised only 1% of Polaroid’s collection.

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  1. I want to do that dog shot. but with a person.

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