A Massive Exhibit from Sotheby’s and Polaroid

Watch this little promotional video, then consider a road trip to New York next weekend:


An opportunity to see work of this scope may not occur again in a lifetime. (The fact that the Type 55 film used by St. Ansel for a trio of different-size prints was in fact Kodak’s Panatomic-X in a Polaroid product does not in any way diminish Adams’s achievement.)

The 63-print mosaic is SX-70 prints, spat out from a hand-held camera (as is the Warhol self-portrait at the top; the┬ánine unique prints that make Chuck Close’s self-portrait are each 20×24 inches, as are the Wegman Weimeraners.

UPDATE: Even though this was a court-ordered dispersal of collateral, it comprised only 1% of Polaroid’s collection.

Summer School Hours

Summer School Fo-Do, one of the best imaginable experiences in huge school, will run from 7:20 to 12:00, June 14-July 1.

Some of you have expressed an interest in picking up work; please e-mail Yours Truly at least one day in advance in order to facilitate matters, and to make sure we’ll even be there. Work pick-up time will be noon on days when it’s feasible.

If you’d like to use the lab on a particular day, likewise get in touch ahead of time to be certain there’s room.

If we’re engrossed in some sort of media presentation, please do not mar our mood by doing anything with the door.