Of late, due to the persuasions of advertisers and the fickle nature of consumers, many of us have been able to acquire quality equipment through closeouts, auctions, estate sales, craigslist, eBay, donations, hand-me-downs, and from little old ladies’ attics (Ah! My Leica!). The details of maintenance and repair, and the availability of parts and accessories, present no serious obstacles; however, make certain that film is currently made in the format that fits your new camera, and give heavy consideration to including in your arsenal a meter, a cable release and a substantial tripod.

(Ahem: wipe the drool from your chin.)

Case in point: Kim Lange, BHS class of 1988.

“Paydirt…2 4×5 Graflex field cameras. A Beseler enlarger. One large and one small dry mount presses. A box of miscelaneous flashes and lenses. A tripod.

Now all I need to do is remember how to shoot, figure out how to set up a darkroom, and purchase the rest of the accessories….oh yeah, and add a few more hours to the day. It is awfully fun to have cameras back in my life.”


Rules for Writ– I mean, Camerawork has a stellar roster of contributors, including an entry from Geoff Dyer, who has written books about jazz and photography; try substituting “creative camerawork” for “writing” and most of his points still make sense.

P.S. There’s a part two, too.