Make Your Own Film!

I learned today that Fuji is discontinuing some of its products, including two of my favorite color films: T64, which provided the AP photographers with excellent slides for many years, and their ISO 800 negative roll film. This guy’s contraption is one solution to any shortage of film stock, I guess, but he aims to replicate Kodachrome, of all things! Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

W. o’ W.: Arno Minkkinen

“Harry Callahan, my teacher at RISD, always used to tell us that once you make the first good ones, you rarely make them any better. Another way to examine that is this: if you’re always showing people only your latest work, have you fully matured as an artist? When your latest work is as good as your earlier work, growth is no longer an issue, and expansion takes over. We have this insatiable need to improve, to be better, to be the best. Just doing things well may be a more reasonable course, especially in photography.”